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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Videography

Q: Do we need more than one videographer?

A:  Most of the time, you don't.  All of the sample videos on our website are filmed with one videographer.  However, one videographer does not mean one camera.  We set up several cameras throughout the day to get the best angles for editing!

Q: Do you have a drone and does it cost extra?

A: Yes!  We actually own two drones, so naturally we say that we have a "fleet of drones!"  Sounds cool, right?  We don't charge extra for use of the drone at your wedding as long as the weather conditions cooperate with the day and we don't have any other malfunctions.  

Q: When do you suggest having the Videographer start?

A: Depending on your timeline, we recommend having our videographer start during the getting ready portion of the day.  This footage looks great in the final videos and really tells the full story from start to finish. The videographer has an 8 hour coverage time limit, but we can add on additional hours for $150/hr. 


If you are trying to decide coverage times and want to capture your full day, we also suggest that if you don't plan on having a grand exit at the end of the evening, to only have our team staffed for about 1 hour of open dancing. 

If you have questions or would like to talk to us over the phone for other suggestions, please call or email our office and we are happy to help! :)


Q: Can I choose any music for my videos?

A: Yes, and no.  For the Trailer Video, we must have a Royalty-Free song to use.  This means, you must provide the licensing for the specific song that you've purchased.  We provide you with a couple different websites to choose music from in your paperwork before the big day.  If you want to use a song from our free subscription database, you can search the website: However, if you have your heart set on a more popular, well-known song (Bruno Mars, Dan+Shay, Ed Sheeran, etc), you can search for it on the site: to purchase the licensing to that song yourself. Most song licenses for wedding videos cost between $30-$60 per song. We only need 1 song for your Trailer Video.


For the Highlight Video, we need 5 songs and they can be provided to us in MP3 format.  They do not have to be Royalty-Free and can be purchased through iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc. for use in your Highlight Video. 


We CAN NOT accept songs from a subscription service such as, but not limited to: Spotify, Amazon Unlimited, Apple Music, etc..  You must purchase the songs individually to provide to us for use in your videos due to copyright laws.

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