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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding & Event DJ

Q: How many hours are included in your DJ package?

A:  Included in our DJ package, there are up to 5 hours of time that can be used during your event.  You can add on additional hours to your package for $150/hr. 

Q: We need music during our Ceremony. Is that included in your packages?

A:  If your ceremony location is in a different space than your reception coverage, there is a $85 fee for an extra speaker set up for your ceremony.  If both the ceremony & reception are in the same room and the setup will not be moved between each event, then there is no additional fee and is included in your 5 hour package. 

For example:  If your ceremony is outside, but your reception is inside, you will need the additional speaker set up for $85.  However, if your ceremony is being held in the same room and there is room flip between the ceremony & reception, there will not need to be an additional speaker charge. 

Q: What style of music do you play?

A: We customize each event to our clients needs.  Our song library has over 44 million songs, so chances are, we do have everything you'd like played at your event! :) 

Q: Do you have a backup DJ?

A:  Yes.  Our policy at Beau Vaughn is to always have back-ups of everything.  Equipment, personnel, etc.  Our lead DJ is DJ Reece, but we do have emergency

back-ups included with all of our services.  

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