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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How large is your traditional Photobooth?

A:  Our traditional photobooth is approx. 7 foot long x 4 foot wide x 7 foot tall.  Your venue is also asked to provide a 6 foot skirted table for our props and printer to be set on.  This is also specified in your paperwork 60 days before the wedding.

Q: Does your Photobooth come with a guestbook?

A: Yes!  Our Photobooth operator will be putting together a guestbook for you to take home at the end of the night.   The photobooth guest will receive a copy of the strip, and one copy will be added to your guestbook. 

Q: How many hours does your photobooth run for?

A: Our photobooth will run for 4 hours at your event, but we can add on additional hours for $150/hr.  

Q: Can we do an Open-Air booth instead?

A:  Yes!  We do have the option to have our traditional booth converted into an Open-Air style booth for the same price as our traditional booth.  You must specify if you want the Open-Air style when booking your event with us. 

Q: Do I get to pick out the background for your Green Screen booth?

A:  Yes you can.  If you are interested in booking our Green Screen booth, please let us know what background image you are wanting and we will get that saved with your paperwork!

Q: How does your Slow Motion Videobooth work?

A:  Great question!  You can see video examples on our website under the Photobooth tab.  But you will need a large space (approx 12'x12'x12') to have the booth set up.  Your guests will be dancing in front of a white background in front of our camera and lighting set up with the props we provide!  We do have fun items such as: boxing gloves, confetti, streamers, glasses, hats and much more!  

Disclaimer:  Make sure your venue approves our list of props before your wedding, as some places don't allow streamers, confetti or glitter. 

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