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Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement Sessions

Q: What time is best for our session?

A:  We recommend scheduling your engagement session about 2 hours before sunset for the best lighting.  When you contact us to schedule your session, our team will help determine the best time for your session depending the date/time of year. 

Q: How many locations can we shoot at?

A:  For our Essential & Deluxe Engagement sessions, we have 1 location included in your package for a 1.5 hour session.  If you'd like to add a second location and extra time to your session, you can add that on for $95. 

Q: How many outfit changes do we get?

A: We don't limit you on the number of outfit changes during your session.  Just keep in mind they do count towards your time at each location, so we usually recommend 2-3 changes is the perfect amount!  

If you are using a more dressy outfit, we recommend shooting in this first, then changing into a more casual option next. 

Q: What should we wear?

A: We usually recommend wearing a fancy/dressy outfit and then a more casual outfit.  
Ladies, an outfit with sleeves is always flattering and so is a good pair of boots! Think about colors of the season too! Also, think about getting your nails done! Your ring will be the focus for this session, so a neutral or solid color will photography quite nicely!
Gentlemen, a button down shirt or sweater and nice jeans are the perfect go-to and pair nicely with whatever your partner is wearing. 

You'll also want to compliment each other, not match.  Feel free to coordinate your look and wear complementary colors with your significant other, but not match them.  With that in mind, don't be afraid to wear things that "pop" like a chunky necklace, fun shoes, a bright-colored blazer, tie, vest or sunglasses. 

Also make sure to iron your clothes to remove any wrinkles.  You will be so very sad when you see them in your finished photos. 

Q: Should we bring anything with us?

A:  Yes!  If you'd like to have props in your session, make sure to bring them with you!  An initial cutout letter, a special sign, a blanket, etc.  Personal items will add something special to your session and your look in the photos! 

Also, If you have a Pinterest gallery of "must have" photos, we would love to see it prior to your session date.  You can email it to us at:

Q: Can we bring our pet with us to the session?

A:  Yes!  We love photographing family pets/dogs in your photos!  Just make sure to bring a family member or friend with you to help get the pets attention behind the camera and to take them back home once we are finished with them at the session.

Q: What should we NOT do before our session?

A:  Don't over tan!  Spray tans are dangerous! 
A:  Don't go for a solid white button down shirt for the both of you.  We want coordinating, NOT matching.

A:  Don't have your hair cut they day of your session.  Schedule hair appointments at least a week in advance for a more natural look.

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