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Tyler & Jill's Wedding at The Brew House

We traveled to Crete, Nebraska for Jill & Tyler's big day and, we kid you not, it was like walking into Stars Hollow. The picturesque town square, the nearby university, the adorable coffee shop... it was magic! The only thing better than the town was the people. These two and their families were so welcoming and kind- it was one of those days that just makes us love what we do! Tyler's family home, Lothrop Farms, was a beautiful backdrop for portraits of this gorgeous couple and their best buds. What better place to photograph a Husker fan than in his families cornfield! The ceremony at the nearby church was picture perfect and then we hopped on over to the Brew House to celebrate! Tyler and Jill, we can't tell you how happy we are to have had the chance to be a part of such a beautiful day. We hope you love these photos and videos as much as we do!

Wedding Photos

Wedding Slideshow | Password: BeauVaughn

Trailer | Password: BeauVaughn

Highlight Video | Password: BeauVaughn


  • Photography: Beau Vaughn /

  • Videography: Beau Vaughn /

  • Venue: The Brew House /

  • Florist: Hennings Floral /

  • Bridal Shop: Belle Vogue

  • Catering Company: The Brew House /

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