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Tanner & Candra's Wedding at Hawthorne House

This gorgeous wedding at Hawthorne house has us swooning! The colors, the flowers, the dresses.... we loved every detail. And Tanner and Candra were as sweet as they were photogenic. Family was definitely at the center of this day and we loved capturing all the tender moments. Thank you Tanner and Candra for inviting us to be a part of such a beautiful day. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Engagement Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding Slideshow

  • Photography: Beau Vaughn /

  • DJ: Beau Vaughn /

  • Venue: Hawthorne House/

  • Cake Bakery: Dolce Bakery /

  • Florist: Shari Baker

  • Bridal Shop: Belle Vouge /

  • Catering Company:  Brancatos Catering /

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